Posted by: fspano | June 13, 2011

Some pearls of wisdom: starting again every day

Planning for what we want to be in a post peak world can be harsh and difficult on our personal life depending on the stage of life we are in. Most of us  need to change status and habits with decreasing availability of energy. If we plan for a soft landing now with our community, we can prepare for a different future, slower, with more time for us and for the others, with a different  and probably more fulfilling life. Change is part of life. Panta Rei: all flows. In a post peak world we will all have to change things with different degrees: from those who need to undergo radical career change to those who will have to remove to new places  and communities. There is no single solution. Everyone needs to find its own, with its community

However it is clear that the planning over a long time scale needs  some clear goal: where to go? what to do?  Any change from adjusting what we already dodo starting a new life can benefit from an understanding of the realities of  a future low energy world. A nice starting point for suggestions, particularly for those who to make less radical shifts, is this post about useful ways of getting one’s share of the pie at Oil Drum Campfire.

I like the simple simple but illuminating post by John Michael Greer , the ArchDruid :  let’s find the capacity to move towards learning ONE thing that is useful to replace ONE thing that is not while saving ONE thing that is essential, that is part of the heritage of our species. This will contribute to make us a worthy art of our community, this will “justify our existence” in the community   (as Isaac Asimov loved to put it in the stories of the Black Widows). Let’s  transition properly !

At the basis of things we should not forget beauty. Strange? Weird? Where is the power of science? A holistic view is required to get to a new future and the direction of understanding should be really connected to the web of life, the ecosystem surrounding us : a way appreciate this is to look at things in a different way and to want to preserve it. Simple principle are powerful here: preserve, learn, understand and appreciate beauty. This is very beautifully put in this speech in the film “I cento passi”.

Allora bisognerebbe ricordare alla gente cosa è  la bellezza, aiutarla a riconoscerla a difenderla […] La bellezza, da quella scende giù tutto il resto.

(We should remind people what beauty is, help them recognize it and defend it[..] Beauty, all the rest derives from that.)

Sometimes it takes some courage to make a career shift  or to understand what we want: let’s do it with our time and pace. In the end there is nothing wrong in going for the road less taken 🙂 .


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